A day in the life of a Creative Agency

17th Feburary 2017

8.30 – 9.00am

One at a time we arrive into the office with sweat dripping down our foreheads thanks to the 4 flights of stairs we still haven’t got used to. After a few murmurs about the weather, an obligatory 9am brew round and a quick chat about last night’s TV, it’s time to tackle the emails.
Creative Agency Manchester

One of our designers has been busy working hard on logo concepts and wants to bounce some ideas off the rest of the team. We huddle round her Mac and after lots of ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Ahhhs’ we agree on what finishing touches need to be made before presenting to the client.
Creative Agency Manchester

The creative team are busy wireframing, designing and artworking, whilst the accounts team are focussed on sending out proposals, briefs and scopes, in between chatting to their clients about their latest projects on the phone.
Creative Agency Manchester

The smell of someone’s homemade soup reminds everyone it’s time for some lunch. Whilst some days we’ll treat ourselves to a cheeky order from Deliveroo, the extra Christmas weight is still lurking around so it’s soup and sandwiches for most today!

With one of our accounts team carrying out a CMS website tutorial for a client via screen share, everyone is on their best behaviour in the office…
Creative Agency Manchester

It’s time for an afternoon brainstorm and with chocolate chip cookies plonked in the middle of the table for some extra motivation, everyone seems on top form. With the full team chipping in, it’s another productive meeting and we’re excited to go back to our client with our recommendations.
Creative Agency Manchester

The day is starting to wind down but the team are still busy designing magazine spreads, scheduling email campaigns and taking last minute calls from clients.
Creative Agency Manchester

It’s the end of another busy day in the office and thoughts have already turned to what exciting projects tomorrow will bring.