10 Reasons to Re-design Your Website

04th October 2016

All too often clients ask us the million-pound question ‘But why do I need to re-design my website?’.


Rather than breaking us all out in cold sweats this question actually excites us as it allows us to explain just why re-designing your website could be the best thing you’ve ever done.



1. To keep up with your competitors
People like to ‘shop around’ by browsing multiple websites – if yours doesn’t match up to the rest it will be the first to be dismissed.


2. To provide the best user experience
The way we use websites is forever evolving. If your potential customers don’t have an enjoyable experience whilst on your website, it’s unlikely they’ll return.


3. To optimise it for all devices
More people than ever are accessing websites via their smartphones, therefore making your website responsive on all devices is fundamental.


4. To get the results you want
Not generating enough leads from your website? This signals the need for a change!


5. To show off your brand
Your website is much like your shop window. If users don’t like what they see, they’ll immediately switch off from your brand.


6. To make it work for you
As your business changes over time, the way your website works will need to change too.


7. To improve its visual appeal
Using outdated or stock imagery? Giving your website a visual makeover will immediately improve the overall impression of your brand.


8. To embrace new technologies
Re-designing your website allows you to experiment with all kinds of functionality that you may otherwise be missing out on.


9. To make your content stand out
Users don’t like to read large chunks of copy so designing your website in a way that optimises the content means your audience is more likely to engage with what you’re telling them.


10. To shake things up!
Because, why not? Great things can only happen once you choose to make a change!


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