Our 2018 Favourite Christmas Adverts

17th December 2018

It’s that time of year again, where every TV advert is battling against the likes of John Lewis to pull at the nation’s heartstrings and come out victorious. Perhaps it is a battle for Christmas sales, but more and more, it’s seems like companies are waging war with hopes to see teary eyes, even from the steeliest of British characters.


Cheryl – Sainsbury’s



Having two girls of my own, I know how precious the nativity can be and this advert pulled at all the right heartstrings. Not only is the whole concept cute, but the sentiment is so important – it truly brings it back to the real essence of Christmas, the children.



Uma Gally – Very



This year’s adverts have exceeded them all. However, the Very advert has combined brilliant animation and the importance of showing children that they can really reach the stars if they try hard enough together.  Hopefully, this idea will stick with them for life and not just for Christmas.



Alex – Iceland



Mine definitely has to be the Iceland’s Rang-tan advert. It’s so well animated, written and performed, not to mention it raises awareness for such an important cause – Christmas is all about generosity and helping others, so I hope some lovely Rang-tans will benefit from a #NoPalmOilChristmas



Hannah – Erste Bank



Sure, you won’t see it on British TV, but if you’re a true Christmas geek like me you may have come across this masterpiece. A rollercoaster ride with some spectacular animation and magical characters. I’ve watched it half a dozen times now and welled up every time. John Lewis – watch out.



Dan – Lidl Party Food Selection



Mine has to be the Lidl advert, purely for its brilliantly funny ending! Oh Nigel……



Fiasa – John Lewis



Unfortunately, it’s going to have to be the most obvious of adverts for me this year, John Lewis. Not only have they roped Elton John in (who doesn’t love him?) but the thought about a Christmas present inspiring a child. and becoming their passion. It’s a real story of humble beginnings… A present from his Mum and Grandma has made him the superstar he is today. I think John Lewis has been extremely clever this year. In the past their focus has often shifted from the advert and onto the soundtrack that accompanies it, well why not combine the two and tell a story. John Lewis, you’ve really outdone yourselves.



Marcus – McDonald’s



I love the McDonald’s advert! The reindeers crack me up – it’s just the way their facial expressions say everything. It’s really smart how they aren’t advertising their biggest products or themselves in a way that they normally would. They’ve given it a clever twist with the carrots and Santa as the main man.



Moray – St Agur Cheese



…and the cheese is not bad either!



Looking forward to the new year, we’re going to take some of these elements forward and make sure to incorporate them into our clients 2019 video and animation strategies. If you would like to find out more about the motion work, we do get in touch.