5 measurable impacts your business can make with digital publications

For more than a decade, we’ve used digital publications to help businesses grow and thrive. Today, in a Covid-19 work-from-home environment, their advantages are even more compelling. Here are just five ways they can help your business achieve its ambitions.

1. Cost savings

When you make digital publications a central part of your marketing mix, you immediately enjoy significant savings. There are no print costs to consider. Mailing costs are slashed by 90%. And reprints are never a concern.

“I love the flexibility they give you,” says our creative director Cheryl McMillan. “If something’s out of date, it’s so quick and easy to update text or information without having to worry about reprint and distribution costs all over again.”

Cost Savings

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2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) savings

Research in 2019 found that six in 10 consumers “expect companies to make a stand on climate and environmental issues”. CSR even impacts recruitment: more than half of employees say they won’t work for a company that “doesn’t have strong social and environmental commitments”.

Investing in digital publications saves paper and ink used in the production process. It also lowers fuel consumption, because delivery is via email rather than traditional postage. “The environmental benefits are really considerable,” says Cheryl.

CSR Savings

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3. Advertising revenue

When you can provide precise data about the performance of third-party adverts, it becomes much easier to sell advertising space at higher rates. If your company produces a printed magazine that runs adverts, or is thinking of introducing adverts, digital publications provide an extra level of proof.

One of the digital publications we’ve worked on produced tens of thousands of pounds in advertising revenue in every issue.

Advertising Revenue

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4. Audience understanding

Digital publications allow you to build a much fuller picture of your audience.

They reveal location, device, average reading time and much more. Heatmaps show where your readers zoom in and engage with your content and the performance of every link is tracked.

No equivalent depth of understanding exists for printed material, which is why digital publications are so effective for generating new business.

Audience Understanding

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5. New leads and sales

The insights you get from the analytics dashboard can fuel informed conversations and follow-ups from your sales team.

Even if your BDMs are currently working from home, they can dive into the data to understand what your audience is reacting to – and what it is ignoring.

This gives them a great head-start and helps your business to make the most of the opportunities it has.

Leads and Sales

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Interested to find out more? Read our full guide to digital publications.

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