5 ways animation can benefit your business

04th Feburary 2017

The digital world is exploding and people are expecting more and more. Give someone a flat PDF with paragraphs of text to read and it’s simple; they won’t! People want their minds to be entertained, they want graphics, movement, sound and more.


With this in mind, we always ensure we keep up to date with the latest technology here in the office to provide our clients with the best possible service. Having recently invested in new Macs, one of our Designers Alex noted “It’s essential to keep up to date with changing technologies so having a tip top work space really helps me create my work.”


Here’s one we did earlier…


Manufacturing giant Polypipe came to us with a problem. They needed to portray a vital message about sustainability to their key stakeholders in a concise and straightforward way.


Our solution? Take their current infographic and bring it to life with animation! Check out the end result below.



So what?


Whilst animations might look nice, you’re probably wondering what they can do for your business? Here’s just 5 benefits they can bring to your communications;


1. They’re different, so you’ll stand out in a crowded marketplace

2. Using movement and sound, they help to better portray your company persona

3. They turn ‘dry’ but necessary information into a fun, shareable piece of content

4. They add interest to an e-shot, webpage, landing page or digital magazine

5. They’re memorable so will help to support your brand identity


Want to see an example that ticks all these boxes? Our 8th issue of M World is crammed full of innovative animations, check them out here!


A paragraph of text or a 30 second animation? There’s no contest in our eyes… Chat to us today to see how motion could bring your communications to life.