5 Ways to Boost Your Open Rates

18th October 2016

With 82% of B2B and B2C businesses using email marketing, we thought we’d take a look at how you can ‘break through the noise’ and allow your brand to be heard.



Analyse the best time of day

Whilst many marketers obsess over sending their email campaign at the ‘right time of day’, you’re the only one who can determine this. The right time varies depending on your audience, your offering, your message etc. so do what’s best for you. The easiest way to figure this out is trial and error.


Add the personal touch

Everyone knows adding the recipients first name to the subject line is proven to increase your open rates. But why not consider going a step further and adding their location, occupation etc. (This is where collecting data becomes very useful!) Check out this example of uber-personalisation from easyjet.


Keep it short and sweet

With the millions of emails sent per day, it’s likely you have less than a second to capture your customer’s attention before they choose to read or delete your message. Therefore, make the subject line as to-the-point as possible.


Include an action

Often, your customers need to be told what to do in order for them to do it! Something as obvious as ‘book now’ or ‘download our brochure here’ can have a big impact on your open rates as it’s crystal clear what you’re asking of your audience.


Use your own experience

As marketers, we ourselves receive numerous promotional emails per day, so take note of what you engage with the most and consider this when setting up your next campaign. Simple but shouldn’t be overlooked!



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