Our 7 2017 Marketing Predictions

24th October 2016

Whilst it may seem like we’re still only halfway through 2016, Christmas and New Year will soon be upon us. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our 7 predictions for the marketing landscape in 2017.


Uber Personalisation
Forget your first name within an email subject line, the increase in big data means 2017 is set to see some of the most personalised content yet. Start collecting your customers’ data to ensure your New Year marketing campaigns hit the spot.


Real Time Marketing
As an audience, we’re demanding more and more relevant, contextual campaigns that we can relate to. 2017 will see an inflation of content that is both timely and extremely clever, check out some recent examples here.


With video being proven to boost conversion rates on ads, landing pages and email campaigns, the allure is certainly clear to see. Currently 87% of online marketers use some form of video content* and we expect this to increase further in 2017.


User-Generated Content
Whilst UGC i.e. marketing content that is created/inspired by real life people, may have been around for a while, it’s yet to take the marketing world by storm. But with audiences becoming more and more sceptical, UGC offers a great way to bring your brand back down to earth.


Emerging Social Media Channels
By this time next year, it’s likely that we’ll be hearing about social media platforms that are yet to even exist. For big brands, it will be a race to see who can triumph the most but for the smaller brands, it will all be about working out what’s best for you.


Love it or hate it, email automation is slowly taking over our inboxes. Although it’s not without its pitfalls, the potential CRM benefits it brings means it’s likely to only get bigger and better as we move into 2017.


Emotive Storytelling
As we see even the most transactional of brands move into a more emotive style of advertising, it’s clear to see that audiences are demanding content that is largely more thoughtful and heart-warming.


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