Brand Rules: Our Picks

23rd May 2017

Ever got annoyed that Susan in Accounts has used the incorrect font on a letter? Or been frustrated that the HR department are using stock images that aren’t in-keeping with your brand style? Sounds to us like you need brand rules.


Brand rules are just that, rules. Not guidelines, not advice, not examples, but rules. They act as a sort of instruction manual for your brand, and should be kept to always.


Brand rules vary depending on the size and scope of the company’s brand, however, they tend to include company history, brand values, logo usage, brand colours & fonts and brand language/tone of voice. Let’s look at some brand rules in practice…


easyGroup’s ‘Brand Manual’

The friendly tone-of-voice, helpful use of examples and to-the-point nature of the Groups’ rules make them a clear winner for us. Check them out here >>


Brand Strategy


Barbican’s ‘Brand Guidelines’

It’s clear Barbican have used its guidelines as a true creative outlet. The bold imagery, simple shapes and powerful words make for a stunning outcome. See them here >>


Puma ‘Brand Guidelines’

Puma has successfully created eye-catching brand guidelines by putting the emphasis on bold, powerful imagery. Enjoy them here >>

Brand Strategy

Urban Outfitters ‘Brandbook’

Urban Outfitters brand rules perfectly reflect its quirky personality. The full-page images, bold headings and jazzy patterns make for a beautiful set of rules. Check them out >>

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