The Brands That Won the 2016 Olympics

22nd August 2016

With an estimated total audience of up to 4 billion, it isn’t hard to see why Rio 2016 will have been the highlight of the marketing calendar for many. But as the athletes begin their journeys home, which brands have left a lasting impression?


P&G ‘Thank-you Mom’



Although it may have launched back in April, the P&G ‘Thank you Mom’ advertising campaign pulled at heartstrings everywhere as it celebrated the mums behind some of the game’s most successful athletes.


The campaign, whilst wholly relevant and engaging, sits perfectly in-line with P&G’s overall marketing strategy which re-enforces the role of mothers in society.



DFS #GreatBrits



Official Rio 2016 sponsor DFS stepped up their marketing efforts with their 30 second #GreatBrits ad to ensure they weren’t overshadowed by the arguably more popular sponsors.


The clever advert chops and changes between footage of Team GB’s most successful athletes in action to a dedicated DFS worker showcasing his craftsmanship with the aim of shining a light on British quality manufacturing.



Samsung ‘The Anthem’



Global electronics giant Samsung created this moving and incredibly sophisticated campaign in order to unite the world through combining numerous national anthems to create ‘One world, one anthem’.


Throw in some of the worlds most loved Olympics athletes such as Tom Daley and you’ve got yourself a massively successful campaign that racked up almost 30 million views on YouTube.
Lessons to be learned…
• When it comes to telling a story, video is crucial.
• Emotion is the key to leaving a lasting impression.
• Social media hashtags help to boost the hype.
• It’s not your product or service that matter, it’s the overall campaign message.
• If telling a story, you must make it relevant to your entire audience.



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