You Can’t Put a Price on Gut Reactions

07th November 2018


In the marketing world you must be on the ball, all the time. Flexible to the changing environment and mood. Able to puncture the wall between brand and consumer and, importantly, deliver strong ROI. Sometimes the chosen method is to pull on heartstrings. Sometimes, it’s to tickle people’s funny bone.


The issue with this is: knowing when a campaign will benefit from pulling on heartstrings and where the line should be drawn? Similarly, knowing when a campaign needs to be funny and how far can you take the joke?


Christmas adverts are especially skilled at catching the audience’s emotions, but before leaving the viewer with a deflated sense of hope, they yank us back in and deliver a happy ending – with a few teary eyes. It’s all about the plot, the craft, understanding the audience and conveying the message.


It’s not just a technique for the festive period though. The latest advert from Greenpeace: There’s A Rang-Tan in My Bedroom brought to life the story of an orangutan’s habitat being destroyed – but it leaves the viewer profoundly inspired to change this fate. Their use of childlike narrative and whimsical animation, alongside a simple plot, means that audiences worldwide can grasp the message and meaning. The campaign has been viewed by over 2 million people and has received recognition from major cosmetic brands worldwide.


Ikea’s use of parody and satire might be a risky strategy for some, but for them it’s excitable, clever and relatable. One of their latest adverts situated the world’s most expensive painting, Leonardo da Vincis Salvatore Mundi, in their $9,99 frame! It gave people worldwide a chuckle.


So, how can you plan the right strategy for your business?


Perhaps start with identifying and understanding the people who currently engage with your brand and how they relate to it?


Get some accurate data because with good data, comes great analytics. Understanding your analytics gives you an in-depth look into how people engage with your brand. Through it you can storyboard your target audience and from that deduce what gets them going – shall we call that intelligent targeting?


Intelligent targeting means being conscious of your audience’s likes, dislikes, feelings and emotions, and most important of all, what they desire from your brand, services or products.

Now you can go forward hand in hand with your customers.


Researched and ready


From here, it’s about devising creative solutions, which always starts with a definitive brief. This must reflect what your research has taught you. Doing so will mean that your team and your agency can’t help but be fully engaged and motivated by the project.


Choosing the right agency


You’ve gone to all trouble of checking the DNA of your customers, so you’ll definitely want to work with an agency that ‘gets the joke’! First impressions and gut feel play a big part in choosing the right partner both for life and work.

An agency’s shop window is their website so probably best to start there then …. here’s one we prepared earlier!