Christmas Adverts 2017 – Our Office Favourites

06th December 2017

It’s that time of year again where our screens our dominated by emotional yet brilliant TV adverts. Making outlandish sentimental adverts, that all seem to be in fierce competition with one another, seems to have become as much a tradition as decorating a tree or opening the door of your advent calendar on the first of December.


In the office – as in many offices across the country – we have discussed which ones we like and having some favourites that are obscure we thought we’d share them:



Although it hasn’t been advertised on TV much, my favourite by miles is the London Heathrow advert.

It’s a traditional heartfelt Christmas ad which will make its audience go ‘awwww.’ It romanticises air travel with some cracking music!





I love the Swarovski advert – it offers an elegant take on the festive period and what a wonderful time of the year it is. The glitz and glamour is often forgotten with everyone preoccupied with the chaos that is christmas – well, Swarovski offer escapsim even if only for 1 minute 30 seconds!




Mine is the M&S advert, because it includes one of my favourite childhood characters, Paddington. His innocence is very endearing, and I love how the thief can’t help but get caught up in it all the Christmas magic.




Everyone has their own traditions and memories which make Christmas special and Sainsbury’s has managed to capture most of them in this year’s advert which is sure to get everyone in the festive mood (keep an eye-out for all 25 versions of the advert to be screened over the Christmas period too!)




Mine is the Manchester City Council – it’s adorable, and animated by Flipbook Studio.

I think it really speaks to the Manchester community and celebrates the huge spirit of helping and togetherness that Mancunians have shown this year.






I really think Asda have outdone all competition this year and not just because of the local Manchester setting. The Willy Wonka style advert designed by Saatchi and Saatchi takes Victoria Baths in Manchester and transports the viewer to a truly enchanting place. The message of the advert is simple, viewers do not need to compromise on creating a magical experience for their loved ones – which I think is important for many this christmas.




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