Confessions of a Creative Agency

19th May 2017

1.All of the plants you’ll see in our office are fake, bar one very sad looking Orchid, which we’re refusing to believe is dead


2.We get far more excited than we should at the prospect of a cup of tea/coffee/insert hot drink name here and a slice of cake


3.Each day we suffer through 12 awkward seconds of lift-chat with other members of our building who are disgusted we can’t bear to climb the two flights of stairs to our office


4.If for some awful reason we do have to walk up the said two flights of stairs, we enter the office feeling like we’ve been ran over by a fleet of trucks


5.We speak to our clients more often than we speak to our own Mums, and we can recognise more of our clients’ phone numbers than we would like to admit


6.Sometimes we click on another agency’s paid Google adverts, just because we can

7.We find it incredibly hard to click on a website without immediately a) checking if it’s responsive and b) finding out who designed it


8.We cry a little inside every time we see one of our clients breaking their brand rules


Lookout for part 2 in our confessions series coming soon!