Content Marketing 101

31st October 2016

Whilst some marketers may be well accustomed to the ‘ins and outs’ of content marketing, we suspect many simply drop the buzzword into their strategy here and there and hope for the best!


So, what actually is content marketing?
Although it may seem blindingly obvious to some, the term ‘content marketing’ is ambiguous enough to be misunderstood.
If you’ve recently produced a blog post, video, social media infographic, a ‘how to’ guide or even a podcast then congratulations, you’re already ahead of the game!



Why should you be doing it?

1. It provides another way in which you can engage with your customers
2. It’s great for SEO purposes; Google rewards sites that publish fresh, new content
3. It gives you interesting content to push out on social media, generating more traffic to your website
4. It allows you to create a tone of voice for your company, showing your followers and visitors your business’ personality
5. It helps your company to be viewed as an authority in your industry



Our top content marketing tips…

1. Make sure you have a strategy. Simply churning out content without any real reason and hoping your audience will love it is a sure way to fail!
2. Ensure it’s relevant to your audience
3. Try to give it a twist, with everyone obsessing over content marketing, you’ll have to do something special to break through the ‘noise’
4. Make sure it provides value to your audience; they’ve got to have a reason to read it
5. Work out what’s best for you. Some companies produce fantastic blog posts, whilst others prefer to work with videos



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