Easyjet and the Power of Personalisation

13th January 2016

In our blog post The Power of Personalisation’ back in September we discussed the hot topic of whether adding the personal touch to your marketing communications was a sure way to improve engagement or a shortcut to alienating your audience. One thing we now know for sure is that EasyJet are big fans of using customer data to jazz up their email communications…


In this recent e-campaign EasyJet sent out to celebrate their 20 year anniversary they decided to take personalisation to the next level in order to show their customers just how valued they are. In a world where we’re bombarded with email after email, it’s not hard to see how adding the personal touch can help to break through the noise and resonate with the recipient. After all, we won’t be forgetting this EasyJet example anytime soon.


The email in question shows how personalisation can be used to generate more sales. The suggestion that the passenger should try out Malaga is strategically placed at the end of the email; by this point the customer has most likely already got a smile on their face and may be much more open to suggestions. It’s simple; we’re more likely to take advice from people we feel know us well.


The lesson to be learned here is that tailored and meaningful marketing communications are a result of data collection. Whilst knowing the first name of your recipient can go some way in helping to add the personal touch, only when you begin to collect in depth behavioural data can your communications begin to take a step up.


As we move forward its likely marketing communications will get more and more tailored as businesses fight for loyal customers. The key to staying ahead of the game is making sure what you send to your customers is as relevant as it can be, this way they’re more likely to engage and more likely to buy!