Email marketing tips: how to build campaigns that convert in 2020

Almost 300 billion emails are sent every day, so standing out in a crowded inbox is crucial.

The perfect email campaign will catch the recipient’s attention, keep them engaged and give them a clear reason to convert.

Here are our top tips for creating emails that look great, convert high and improve your marketing results in 2020.

1. Email Campaign Basics

Email Campaign Basics

Don’t take past successes as a guarantee of future success. Continuously review, test and analyse your email campaigns to ensure your open and engagement rates remain high.

Subject Lines

Test several elements of your subject lines. Length, personalisation, emojis and writing style can all have an impact. Almost half* of emails are opened on mobile devices, so consider how your subject line appears on smaller screens (most mobile email clients only display the first 30 characters).

Sender Name

The ‘from’ name on an email campaign can have a big impact on open rates. Test brand, team and personal names to see what delivers the best results.

If you’re providing a more personal service, your recipients might react better to an individual’s name rather than a company name.

Pre-Header Text

As mobile usage has increased, this has become a crucial part of any campaign. Use preheader text to give readers additional information, alongside the subject line, that encourages them to open your message.

Build on your subject line with more detailed information that previews your email – but remember, keep it short and attention grabbing.

2. Email Campaign Design

Email Campaign Design

K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple, Stupid

The K.I.S.S design principle has been around for a long time, but it remains true today. Email campaigns need to be simple, allowing recipients to digest information quickly (on average, you only have five seconds to get their attention!).

Before starting any email campaign, establish your objectives and what you’re trying to achieve. Use clear headings and simple copy to make the key messages obvious and ensure any key content is ‘above the fold’ (visible on the user’s screen when the page first loads).

Substance Over Style

Email campaigns don’t have to be a work of art. In general, they have two jobs to do – increasing opens and clicks. Complex and busy emails will lead to recipients turning off, so make your call-to-action obvious and build the content and design around your main objective.

Check the following:

• Have you made it as easy as possible to click or convert?

• Have you provided obvious calls to action?

• Have you ensured the campaign works with images turned off?

• Have you included ALT text on all images?

• Have you removed text from inside images?

Test different call-to-action language, too. Go beyond simply ‘click here’ and ‘read more’ by including positive actions or messages with actionable text. These CTAs are much more effective.

3. Data and Personalisation

Data and Personalisation

The Importance of Data

Your email campaign won’t deliver results if it’s going to the wrong people, so maintain a clean, well-managed database. Regularly remove old email addresses, hard bounces and unsubscribes, and always monitor any replies.

Automate parts of your data management by using freely-available online tools to connect your CRM and email marketing systems.

Advanced Personalisation

While first name personalisation works well on subject lines, consider all the data you hold in your CRM. Use this to create personalised messages based on previous purchasing information, or try segmenting contacts based on their interests.

Using dynamic content in your campaigns allows you to create different variations of the same email – making your email marketing more efficient. For example, you might want to show a different header image to different groups of recipients, or communicate different features and benefits to different audiences.

Are you ready to start improving your email marketing?

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*Source: HubSpot


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