Emma’s Work Experience

08th December 2015

Over the past two weeks, we were delighted to have been joined by recent graduate Emma who was eager to gain experience in a creative agency. Emma has developed a love for creative writing through her own blog Tea and Tales, and is hoping to pursue a career in the creative industry so we were more than happy to welcome her into the team.


“I graduated from University in July with a degree in English Language and a whole load of ideas about what line of work I might like to get in to. Whilst at University I worked seasonally for a PR agency in Manchester when they needed some extra help. I knew there were aspects of PR that I really loved, but I wasn’t sure if it was exactly what I wanted to do without trying some other things out first.


I’ve always loved writing but until the start of this year it was all done on paper. As an avid reader, I started looking at blogs online and decided it was something I should really start doing, writing with an audience in mind and putting my work somewhere where others could see it. A second passion of mine has always been art, so I felt an ideal career would need to have a creative element. Bearing all this in mind, I began looking for work experience in creative industries like marketing. After emailing my CV to many a company, MD of Monitor, Moray replied to me after seeing my blog. I explained to him that I was looking to gain some creative writing experience in an industry environment, and he kindly offered me two weeks work experience at Monitor.


During my two weeks at Monitor I have gained valuable experience, both from the team and the projects they were working on. Moray and the team were a brilliant help, offering advice during my two weeks with them. Moray also took some time out to have a discussion with me about the marketing industry as well as what Monitor do, their work and the ethics of the agency. I feel quite lucky to have gained experience from someone who is so willing to help others break into the industry and truly loves what he does.


I have been working on different types of projects, as well as learning how to handle and maintain social media accounts. Through sitting in on brainstorms and team meetings, I have seen the way that everyone at Monitor works as a team, constantly putting themselves in the shoes of their customers to produce high quality solutions. I’ve also learnt about previous and current projects from the design team which has helped me to understand how all Monitor’s services tie in together.


I have really enjoyed my time with Monitor, it’s been a new challenge but it has helped me establish that a career with a writing element is definitely one I would like to pursue, especially one in a creative environment.


A big thank you to the whole team at Monitor is definitely in order, I’ve really appreciated all their help and advice and the fact they have made time for me when they have been so busy!”


We’ve enjoyed every minute of Emma’s company over the last two weeks and wish her every success in her future career.