Exclusive Hotel Launch

17th May 2017

We’ve heard talk on the grapevine that our very own Manchester will soon be home to a unique new 5* hotel bar and restaurant, ambiguously named ‘E-Hotel’.
With its cheeky ‘Please DO disturb’ tagline appearing on some of its marketing materials, it’s clear that the establishment is ready to shake up the Manchester hotel market for the better. With competition rife from the likes of Hotel Gotham and the Palace Hotel, it’s clear to see this might not be an easy task.


Creative Agency Manchester
E-Hotel Bookings Manager Moray was recently overheard remarking that the hotel will soon become the ‘place-to-go’ among some of Manchester’s most elite businesspeople looking to rejuvenate and relax after a hard day’s work.
Whilst we may not yet know a great deal about the hotel, we’re certainly excited to uncover more about this mysterious new development coming to Manchester.
Find out more at www.ehotelmcr.co.uk or check out the Instagram @ehotelmcr