Our favourite campaigns of 2016 so far

19th May 2016

In case you hadn’t realised – we’re now over a third of the way through 2016. So whilst you sit there panicking that you’ve not yet booked your summer holiday, we thought we would take this opportunity to share with you our favourite advertising campaigns of the year so far.


Evian ‘Baby Bay’


In a clever follow up to the popular Evian baby & me marketing campaign launched in 2013, the new suite of adverts features a rather hilarious scene of baby surfers. Complete with its own 360° ‘Baby Surf’ app, it’s clear to see that Evian know how to capture the attention of their audience.


Download the app | Explore #evianBabyBay 



Ronseal ‘Watching Paint Dry’


Whilst making viewers watch 3 minutes of paint dry has received mixed reactions, we think the idea is pretty genius – it’s about time TV advertising did something different. By selecting a prominent spot during the ad break of the much loved show Gogglebox on Friday 29th April, Ronseal managed to rack up a Twitter audience of up to 35 million people.


Explore #RonsealAdBreak



Tic Tac ‘Little Fortunes’


In a sharp contrast to the first two, Tic Tac have gone small with their latest marketing stunt. Taking personalisation and user-generated content to new levels, Tic Tac invited consumers to share a picture of their palm filled with Tac Tacs in order to determine what their future holds. We’ve got a sneaky suspicion that the marketing landscape will be seeing more of this in the years to come…


Discover the #LittleFortunes


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