Five tips to bring your Annual Report to life!

Using a few different techniques and strong visual aids, bring your Annual Report to life!

Is it time to go digital?

Is it time to go digital?

Publishing a digital version of your Annual Report offers your readers the chance to navigate the document quickly and interact with key content. It also allows a traditionally static document to become more engaging using animations and embedded content such as videos.

Illustration could fit the purpose

Illustration could fit the purpose

Illustrations provide the opportunity to avoid stock or corporate photography through bespoke graphics. If you need an image to communicate a complex or niche topic illustration allows you to visualise this easily and can also align your brand.

Alongside imagery of real events, teams or the office, illustration can help to strengthen the brand’s personality.

A picture says a thousand words

A picture says a thousand words

The use of infographics helps give key numbers and stats more meaning. Sure, 1 billion sounds like a lot, but if it’s grains of sand, it’s not that much! Make sure your reader can process the importance of the data you present.

Combining graphs, numbers and images could breathe life into your Annual Report!

Think about the user journey

Think about the user journey

A person reading your Annual Report probably has a purpose or objective for doing so, they are hunting for key pieces of information. Providing a clear navigation or contents with clearly labelled titles can really help your readers find what they are looking for.

Stats. Case Studies. Action!

Stats. Camera. Action!

Struggling to showcase the CEO’s annual review in all its glory? Using video footage or recorded interviews is great for helping make content easier to digest and more engaging for the reader.

Use animated stats, video quotes and statements to capture your audience’s attention.

Just imagine the potential your Annual Report has now!

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*Please note that your company’s abbreviated reports, or full reports that legally have to be declared on Companies House are not open to unique styling, branding or personalisation (unfortunately!)


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