Give Your Brand a Spring Clean

14th November 2018


A brand is about the way people think, feel and respond when they hear your company name.


Your brand is one of the company’s most valuable assets. Building and protecting the brand by following a set of standards is everyone’s job.


What can your brand do for you?


Having a well-defined brand is vital to effective sales and marketing because it makes it easier for you to enter new markets, sell more products and services and obtain premium prices.


Communities welcome companies that have positive brand images and investors reward companies with strong, well-known and respected brands.


Colour and recognition


80% of people believe colour increases brand recognition; colour being the first thing consumers notice about your brand.


90% of snap judgements are made subconsciously based on the colours of our brand.


Colour is fashion.


What else goes into a brand?


Fonts, logo, icons, photos, strapline, marketing, web, social, personality, emails, videos, adverts and tone of voice!


So, nothing too complex then!


Finally, consistency across your brand is vitally important. Why?


Well why not take up our spring clean offer and we’ll explain.


Give your brand a spring clean with our FREE advice


We’re happy to offer established companies the benefit of our expertise and experience, which will help to clarify where you are now and where you may want to be in future.


Pop in, give us a call, drop us a message get in touch today.


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