How To Create An Effective End-of-Year Business Review

With the end of 2021 fast approaching, don’t miss this crucial opportunity to strengthen your relationships and build customer loyalty.

Wrap up 2021

Understanding the value of an end-of-year review

An effective end-of-year review will take a deep dive and evaluate your entire year, creating a compelling executive summary of your business. Typically, your end-of-year review will:

  • Report on your biggest achievements over the last 12 months
  • Detail any future obstacles to be overcome
  • Reflect on and analyse any unexpected setbacks
  • Outline your future goals and strategic plans
  • Provide a detailed assessment of your financial performance

By setting your intentions and exploring what you have learned, you strengthen your relationships with staff as well as clients. Going forward, you also prevent you and your team from overlooking important pieces of information.

But with so much material to communicate to your audience, capturing your reader’s imagination and holding their attention is essential. Whether it is clients, employees, management or investors who are reading your review, it’s important to create a visually appealing presentation.

3 ways to create an engaging, memorable end-of-year review

  1. From experience, we’ve found clever animations, unique artwork and original designs communicate your findings more effectively than any other tool.
  2. We recommend keeping data and metrics visual and simple, which keeps audiences engaged and guarantees information is digestible.
  3. Adding some personality is a smart way to solidify your brand values, so take the opportunity to reinforce your positioning with an eye-catching, memorable message.

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