Is TV Advertising Dying Out?

06th January 2016

September celebrates 60 years of TV advertising and whilst yes, we can all say for sure that adverts have come a long way since the black and white Gibbs toothpaste ad in 1955, it’s about time we ask ourselves whether TV advertising has lost the sparkle it once had.


Then vs now…


Back in the 1980’s viewers would wait in anticipation for the famous Nescafe ads which told the story of the ‘Gold Blend couple’ and popularised the idea of serial advertising. Fast forward over 30 years and we find ourselves using the ad break during Coronation Street to make a cup of tea or put a load of washing on (or fast forwarding past them all on Sky+). So are TV ads losing their relevance in a world where we always seem to be busy?


A changing audience…


A study last year found that 84% of people wanted to fast forward through TV ads, considering the fact that we are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages per day it’s no surprise that consumers are sitting down in front of the TV with the sole aim of catching up on their favourite show.


The experts of TV advertising are continuing to rave about its power and its promise of sales but with the average consumer becoming more and more marketing savvy, it isn’t hard to see why viewers are rejecting the subliminal messages of fun ads in favour of more direct and transparent channels.


A little too soon?


But wait, imagining a world without TV ads may be a little premature. First of all we would sail through December without even realising Christmas was upon us. Brands may struggle to portray any sense of personality and what song would we have stuck in our head all day if Go Compare ads were no more?


Whilst we can predict with some certainty that TV ads in the next 60 years will lose their role as top dog in the marketing world, it is impossible to predict the exact moment that the storytelling nature of TV advertisements will be surpassed by newer and more innovative ways of marketing.

John Lewis Christmas TV ad

A new look for TV ads?


Speaking recently to Marketing Magazine, Jemma Jones from Honda claimed that in less than 10 years brands will be able to tailor their ads based on what they know about their customers. Whilst this could be the way forward for some, it takes us back to our debate surrounding the potential pitfalls of personalisation. Would you be happy sitting down to watch TV and being hit with an advert that has been specifically tailored to suit your lifestyle? We’re not sure.