Marketing Campaigns 101

22nd September 2016

Creating an integrated marketing campaign that fits your budget, entices your prospects AND leaves them wanting more is a thing of real beauty so we’ve put together some key things to remember when crafting your next one. Check out some of our favourite marketing campagins of 2016. 


1. Stand in the shoes of your customer
As part of our latest campaign, we recently sent our prospects cardboard bees that were crammed full of wildflower seeds.


Why? Too often marketing collateral gets thrown in the bin without a second look so we wanted to send something a little bit different to catch their attention, check out the campaign here.



2. Choose the right channels
If your target audience is 16-24 year old it goes without saying that direct mail may not be the best way forward.


However, don’t be afraid to target your audience through multiple channels – that way there is a better chance they’ll see at least one of your marketing messages. Social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn can prove particularly successful.


3. Always include actions
Whether it’s asking your recipient to visit a landing page, view your products, book an appointment or find out more, always make the next step clear.


This way, your customer will be encouraged to take the next step and you’ll be able to measure the success of your campaign.


4. Make it relevant
Last Valentine’s Day we sent out cards to our prospects, with the occasion being relevant to every single person in the UK and beyond, we knew that it would put a smile on many faces!


With higher email open rates than ever before and a positive reaction on Twitter, it’s safe to say the campaign was a great success!



5. Be unique
The most successful marketing campaigns are memorable. Take Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’, the campaign was so successful it’s almost become synonymous with the brand name itself. Discover Real Beauty here.



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