Our Sweet Mandarin Experience

10th March 2016

A birthday in the Monitor offices always equals food, food and more food. Not content enough with ordering in Reds True BBQ and eating plenty of cake to celebrate Account Director Dan and Senior Designer Cheryl’s birthday, we headed to Sweet Mandarin to continue the festivities. If it’s good enough for Chinese President Li Keqiang, we were pretty sure it would be good enough for team Monitor!


After having already reviewed the menu prior to arriving at the restaurant (obviously), the decision to all go for their ‘Great Wall’ banquet was a pretty easy one. Whilst some of us went more traditional and safe with the sweet & sour chicken, others of us took a trip on the wild side and indulged in the ‘golden basket’. One thing it’s safe to say we all agreed on however was the addition of duck pancakes!


Although the food was outstanding, so too was the service. As you can see from this cheery photo above, the attentive staff at Sweet Mandarin made sure they paid the birthday girl/boy plenty of attention with cards and (delicious) cake! With business- savvy twins Lisa and Helen at the helm of the business, it’s no surprise the atmosphere in the restaurant is friendly and welcoming.
Head over to the Sweet Mandarin Facebook page to find out more about their delicious food and their tasty range of oriental sauces.