Monitor Wine Club – The April Addition

17th April 2016

It’s safe to say we could all use a glass (bottle) of wine to unwind at the weekend, so the moment our MD Moray proposed we start our very own exclusive Monitor wine club there were no complaints from us!


The rules of the club are simple; he selects the wine and we drink it. Whether we share it with our other halves over a civilised meal (not likely) or down the whole thing after a hectic day in the office, as long as it gets finished there isn’t a problem.


Only one thing is required from us, and that’s a witty yet honest review (preferably written after we’ve drunk the bottle).

This month, we all had the privilege of sampling a 2014 ‘Jahrgangs – Sekt’ (sparking Rose for the less wine savvy of us) and here’s what a few of us had to say about it…

“For a girl who likes to drink white wine
Rose is not something I usually give time
But half a bottle before bed
It's gone straight to my head
And now I'm writing this silly rhyme
So what's it like I hear you say?
The answer is it would be refreshing on a summer's day
A large glass with ice would work well
there's not much more to tell
I just hope in the morning I feel OK.” - Cheryl, Senior Designer


“Fruity, sherry undertones with a dry finish” – Sarah, Designer


“Light, fresh, floral and sparkling” – Tim, Sarah’s Dad


“Blackcurrant tartiness!” – Sue, Sarah’s Mum


“Bubbles, bubbles everywhere and more than enough to drink! This fizz-popping rosé is a very stylish beverage, perfect for one (don’t share this with friends). Don’t bother with a glass; a straw is the only thing you need to enjoy this Monitor vintage. Once empty, keep the bottle (with its eye-catching label design) and use it as a vase that your fashion-conscious friends are sure to approve of.” – Heidi, Account Manager


“Whilst commenting on the grapes or the aroma of the wine certainly isn’t my strong point, what I can tell you is that it was alcoholic, wet, bubbly and un-Lambrini like – all in all a winner to me.” – Sophie, Junior Account Manager


Look out for the next in the series of the Monitor Wine Club to discover what we all thought of our chosen wines.


**Editors note: To all of our clients reading this, no wine was consumed in the making of your website, magazine, e-shot etc etc.