#MonitorBranding – Brands who are getting it right

06th August 2017

Having a recognisable, strong brand can increase sales, improve your reputation and help to build customer loyalty… sounds good, right? But how do you achieve this?

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Let’s take a look at some examples…


Whether it’s a tweet, TV advert or app notification, everything Missguided do and say is perfectly on brand. They know who they are and they’re not afraid to show it. Even the Missguided HQ is a perfect representation of the brand.


But how can you achieve this? Write out a list of all your company core values and ask yourself, if my brand were a person, how would they speak? Tone of voice is everything when it comes to brand identity.



From leading a campaign to boost female pilot numbers to launching a kid’s on-board book club, the easyJet brand continues to surprise us. Unlike some of its competitors, easyJet doesn’t let the fact that it’s a low budget airline hold it back or define who it is.


It’s secret? A comprehensive, perfectly thought-out brand strategy that drives everything they do. Check it out here >>



The Unilever owned beauty brand is known for blurring the lines between marketing campaigns and social movements. The name ‘Dove’ has almost become synonymous with female empowerment, proving the sheer strength of the brand.


Above everything, Dove ensure consistency and cohesiveness in everything they do; from the heart-warming imagery on their website to the powerful women they choose to partner with, everything is carefully selected to fall in-line with the brand.



No matter the size or scope of your brand, investing in it is important and could be equally as rewarding.


You don’t have to be a global superstar for your brand to become your powerful USP, you just need to have the driving force to make it happen.

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