#MonitorBranding – What goes into a brand?

31st July 2017

Seth Godin once famously said “A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships”, or in simpler terms, a brand isn’t just a logo or a font, it’s an all-encompassing thing that more often than not, determines the success or failure of a business.

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It’s all well and good creating a ground-breaking brand name and an eye-catching logo, but a strong brand manifests itself in a lot more ways than this.


Consider the following things and how they all work together to build your brand…

1. Colours:

Many successful brands can be recognised by colour alone – take Coca-Cola for example, we bet most people could pin-point the exact shade of ‘Coca-Cola red’. Colours have the power to evoke certain emotions and feelings in people so shouldn’t be overlooked in the branding process.


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2. Social:

The saying goes, if you’re not going to do social media right, don’t do it at all. Many consumers form their opinion of a brand based on their social activity alone, so use this opportunity to make your brand shine!


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3. Imagery:

Ever been put off by a brand because they’ve used offensive, dull or irrelevant images across their marketing channels? Deciding on an image ‘style’ for your brand to use is just as important as choosing a font or colour.


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4. Tone of Voice:

Think of your brand like a person, it needs to have its own recognisable, consistent tone of voice. Whether it’s friendly, down-to-earth, ambitious or quirky, the key is picking one and sticking to it.


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