#MonitorBranding – The process of building a strong brand

09th August 2017

So, we’ve looked at what goes into a brand and examples of brands who are smashing it, now on to the most important bit, starting the transformation of your brand.

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Stage 1: Be critical

Is your brand holding you back without you even realising it? Now is the time to scrutinize your brand and really evaluate whether it’s as strong as it could be.

Stage 2: Review your goals & objectives

Your longer-term strategy should be the driver behind your brand. If you’re looking to expand into new markets, consider how your brand will fit into these markets, or if you’re looking to build customer loyalty, think about the tone of voice your brand will need to portray.

Stage 3: Consider your business DNA

What does your business stand for? What are its core values? Questions like these will help uncover the personality of your brand and determine how you want to be perceived by your audience.

Stage 4: Evaluate customer expectations

Many consumers rely on their favourite brands to fulfil and exceed their expectations and needs, but how often do you actually stop and listen to what your customers have to say?

Stage 5: Consider your competitors

Uncovering what your competitors are and aren’t doing will allow you to gain a better understanding of where you fit into the market. Ask yourself, xyz have adopted a friendly tone of voice, if we’re going to do that too, how do we put our own spin on it?

Stage 6: Find the perfect partner

If you’ve not got the creative resource in-house, consider who you’d trust to work on your brand. Find a partner who truly understands your business, your goals and your core values.

Stage 7: Enforce brand rules

Once you’ve established a strong brand, the key to keeping it that way is by enforcing your brand rules at every opportunity. Think of them as instructions, they’ll allow you to protect your brand both internally and externally.


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