#MonitorVideo – Video Marketing Trends

11th November 2018

Little research needs to be done to confirm video is fast becoming one of the most popular marketing tools.  It not only provides brands a method of establishing meaningful connection with their audience, but it also provides them with an insight into the brands ‘personality’.


Here at Monitor, we’ve sifted through some of the best videos online to decide on our top six video marketing trends of 2018;


1. Live Video


Although live streaming isn’t a ‘new’ trend by any means, the growth of live video throughout 2017 has been nothing short of astronomical. That surge is essentially to do with the large social media platforms that have started to support it – including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms have made live streaming easy and accessible for marketers around the world. But we predict that live streaming on an individual website where marketers can control the user experience and allow more interaction will continue to grow in 2018.


The Spanish beer brand Amstel Radler has already played with pushing creative boundaries using Facebook Live. The Brewery hosted a customer-led Facebook Live stream, where viewers controlled the content based on how they were engaging with the video.



2. Square Shaped Videos


A lot more people are consuming video through their mobile phones. As a result, the format in which videos are presented is also shifting in-order to coincide with the relevant social channels.


With over 80% of people now consuming video on their mobile phones through social media apps, it is crucial that this is represented in the way videos are formatted, to ensure they are optimised for social media platforms. This can be pivotal to their success.


Using mobile friendly videos in your marketing strategy will help users engage with your content on the go throughout 2018.



3. 360 degree Videos


360 degree video is another type of immersive technology, where the consumer can control their viewing perspective. Marketers can use this technology in an infinite number of ways to provide a bespoke viewing experience, like this 360 degree video for the Honda Civic.


Analysis by Google has revealed that even though 360 isn’t as readily viewed as standard video content, the click-through rates are higher. According to the studies, 360 also gathered more views, shares and subscribers.


It’s all about engagement these days, so why not try your hand at using this innovative and easier tool to reach your potential consumers?



4. Virtual Reality Video


Leading on very nicely from the 360 degree trends, comes the Virtual Reality Market. With an expected boom in sales of VR headsets in 2018, as more affordable devices enter the market, an increase in usage is inevitable too.


As for now there are too few examples of VR videos, making it hard to forecast the effect of VR on marketing strategies.  However, brands believe that the rewards are potentially high, and an increase of budget allocated to high-tech should see an expanded VR over the coming year.



5. Personalisation and Video


The greatest advantage of using video content is its ability to create a human connection with your audience. According to Econsultancy, 93% of companies are seeing an uplift in conversion rates as a result of video and web personalisation. In the new year, we’ll see this taken further, with brands using personalised marketing, sales, and customer service videos to nurture prospects, build relationships and gain customer trust.



6. Video Mapping


You may not have heard of it but you will most likely have seen it, Video Mapping is a powerful technique that uses 3D projections on a flat surface, with or without accompanying sound. Use of the innovation has turned out to be popular amongst different brands, big or small! Check out this brilliant use of video mapping by Coca Cola in 2018.

Has this inspired you to introduce motion into your marketing strategy?

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