Stephanie’s Experience at Monitor

07th January 2016

We’ve have had the pleasure of being joined by university student Stephanie for the past five weeks as she gets a taste of agency life. With a good eye for detail and a creative mind we’re definitely sad to see her return to university! Before Stephanie left us we asked her to summarise her time with us…


“After my second year at the University of Sheffield studying Business Management I thought it would be wise to put some of the knowledge I have learnt into practice and gain some experience in the workplace to determine what I would like to do in the future. In my second year of studies, marketing became one of the most interesting topics to me and this encouraged me to consider it for a career choice. After speaking to Monitor’s MD Moray, he kindly offered me the opportunity to do a five week internship at Monitor during the summer.


During my time here I have been mentored by Monitor’s Senior Account Manager, Dan, however the entire team has taught me a significant amount about what is involved in marketing communications and how to use tools such as Google Analytics effectively.


Over the past five weeks I have been involved in a wide range of different projects from working on email campaign’s, understanding website content management systems and social media management, to undertaking market research for potential new and existing clients  to help broaden their marketing reach. I also had the opportunity to attend ‘The Business Network’ event at the Lowry Hotel with team Monitor and despite being incredibly nervous, in the end not only did I learn a lot from the experience but I also really enjoyed it!


I have also been able to observe how the Monitor team works with their clients, constantly going the extra mile for them to ensure the best solutions are delivered and highest quality service is provided. This is something I feel is special about Monitor as not many people work tirelessly to exceed customer expectations.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Monitor, not just for the opportunity and experience, but the team here as well. I have never met a more welcoming and hard working group of people before who have been willing to help and advise me no matter how busy they are. I hope to keep in touch with the team as over the past five weeks I have got to know them more personally, and I wish them all great success in the future.”