Straplines: The winners & losers

06th January 2017

This week, Lidl announced the launch of their new strapline ‘Big on quality, Lidl on price’, clever hey? Whether they effect the bottom line or not, straplines are big business and immediately add value to a brand (if done correctly that is!) We thought we’d share with you some of our favourite and not so favourite straplines.


The winners

1. L’Oreal: Because you’re worth it 

If as a child you didn’t swish your hair back and forth and repeat the famous L’Oréal strapline, shame on you. Launched during the social revolution, it’s no wonder the slogan is both empowering and inspirational to women (and men) everywhere.


2. John Lewis: Never knowingly undersold

Although admittedly slightly hard to understand, the John Lewis slogan dates back to 1925 and acts as a price promise to its customers. The catchy and honest tone of the slogan wins it for us.


3. Redbull: Gives you wings

Despite being taken to court for its notably un-true strapline in 2014, we’re still big fans of the Redbull slogan. Through taking part in a variety of adventurous air pursuits, it’s safe to say the brand has gone above and beyond to attempt to live up to its mantra.



The losers

1. Campbells: Soup is good food

As well as being both un-inspiring and largely un-memorable, the Campbells tagline was actually banned by the FDA due to their soup having high levels of sodium.


2. Burger King: Have it your way

If this had been developed by Subway we might’ve been on board, however the misleading nature of the strapline gets a big thumbs down from us. The good news is they’ve recently adopted a brand new, equally as poor tagline ‘Be your way’.


3. Coca-Cola: Open happiness

After a whole host of different straplines over the years, Coca-Cola adopted ‘Open happiness’ for 6 years in 2009. If you ask us, this one was a failed attempt at trying too hard to be an inspirational, optimistic brand.


Supportive straplines are a very important part of brand identity – great ones add value – poor ones are better binned! Need some branding advice? We’ve got you covered! Check out the services we provide here or the brands we’ve helped here.