Successful Social Media Campaigns

05th January 2016

It’s no longer a question of if a brand is going to use social media but how they will do it. This has led to a surge in brands competing to grab the attention of millions of consumers, active every day on social networking sites. With competition comes innovation so we’ve had a look back at five brands which managed to successfully engage their audience with their creative social media campaigns.



Dove #choosebeautiful


Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign is one of the most impactful marketing campaigns to date, their latest short video and accompanying hashtag proved to be equally as effective. Although the video (which has now reached over 6 million views on YouTube) was published over 4 months ago, it is clear to see that women all over the world are still engaging with the hashtag and joining the Dove community.


Dove’s success story demonstrates that listening to your target audience and setting goals which aren’t purely based on the bottom line can go a long way in building social engagement.


#choosebeautiful on Twitter

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Cancer Research UK #NoMakeupSelfie


Back in 2014 Cancer Research UK’s clever #nomakeupselfie campaign saw women everywhere brave social media with a completely makeup-free face. In just 6 days the campaign raised £8million for the charity, showing not only the power of a hashtag but also the huge potential social media holds for the not-for-profit sector.


#nomakeupselfie on Twitter


Oreo Superbowl Tweet


Whilst technically not a campaign in itself, Oreo’s fast thinking demonstrates the power of social media. In 2013 Oreo’s marketing team took advantage of a blackout during the world’s most important ad break and successfully managed to trump brands which had paid millions for broadcasted ads. With four simple words Oreo managed to get the world talking and raise the bar for marketers everywhere.



Always #LikeAGirl

Similarly to Dove, Always noticed the popularity of gender equality campaigns and took to social media in 2014 to promote their #LikeAGirl campaign. This focused on spreading the word that girls everywhere can be unstoppable. The video alongside the campaign currently has 59 million views on YouTube, whilst the hashtag has allowed girls everywhere to respond with what they think it’s like to be a girl.


#likeagirl on Twitter



Evian #evianbabyandme


Evian’s ‘Baby and Me’ campaign started off as a TV advert and soon became a massive hit on social media. Although the video reached 50 million YouTube views, the star of the show was the Baby and Me app which allowed consumers all over the world to engage with the brand via social media by creating a baby version of themselves and posting the picture online. The humorous nature of the app meant that people everywhere were taking to Twitter and Facebook to share their picture. Evian is a great example of a brand who took an idea and ran with it across multiple channels to generate maximum reach and engagement.


 #evianbabyandme on Twitter