Switch to Digital Brochures

19th December 2015

Dazzling digital brochures are the way forward. Killer digital publishing platforms tick box after box on your wish list and can transform your marketing collateral with eye-popping rich media.


They engage and involve your readers in more interesting ways than print media. They’re supremely cost-effective. And they’re totally trackable giving you invaluable data about how your customers behave so you can engage with them in more profitable ways.


Yes, we love them but we know you will too. Take a look at the benefits.

Switch to Digital Brochures

Create Captivating Content


Pump up your brand experience with digital communications.


PDFs and digital content can be converted into Flash or HTML5 publications across all your digital touch points. That means from simple online brochures or training documents to comprehensive product catalogues and all–singing, all-dancing online magazines.


Push your brand to the digital limits and ensure consistency with customised publications tailored to your business. Bring your brand’s story to life with photos, videos, embedded websites and more. With digital, animation will breathe life into flat content. Collaborative creation means you can remove the old barriers between content creation and customer experience; generating the work of a world-class brand.


Publish and Share


Do it your way! With multi-device responsive design and multi- channel distribution & social integration, your publication can reach anyone, anywhere. What’s more, being cloud-enabled, it will be the lightest technology you’ll ever use. Flexible editing and redistribution enables quick editing without starting from scratch. You’ll also benefit from the in-platform review – experience your creation in its final environment before you publish.


Analyse and Measure


Know what’s happening now. Get the most recent engagement analytics with real-time visibility. Develop informed insights to help you get to know your customers and what they need based on how, when and where they are engaging with you. Behavioural tracking means you can also be informed on what your customers are engaging with, and what they zoomed in on.


This is deep data that helps you make fast and accurate marketing decisions that enable you to see a clear return on your investment.


Is it time you turned digital?


Need a creative agency to help? The Monitor team is committed to providing our clients with a bespoke service tailored to their needs. Send us a PDF of a recently printed publication and we’ll transform it into a digital version to show you how it could look – free of charge! Drop us a line or contact us on 0161 743 0980.