The Evolution of Advertising

02nd January 2016

When looking back at the history of advertising we see how it has changed and improved throughout time – from the first evidence of advertising using papyrus during the Egyptian era in 2000BC to mobile advertising used currently. This proves how important advertising is and how it needs to adapt with the times and new technologies.

As technologies have advanced, so has the world of advertising. When mobile phones became common, mobile adverts were introduced – where news headlines sent via SMS. The increase in the use of smartphones and tablets also led to an increase in the use of social media. To adapt to this change mobile advertising on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram was introduced.

In 2007 Facebook introduced the concept of behaviour-based advertising by specifically targeting users’ social interactions which made advertising much more personal.

In 2015 advertisements have to capture attention and hold on to it so the uses of responsive video series or interactive social media campaigns are becoming more popular.

Advertising will continue to adjust to the needs of audiences as technologies advance and desired products change…
The evolution of advertising