Top Ads of Summer 2014

14th December 2015

Every season businesses aim to create their best adverts, showcasing their products in new and imaginative ways. As a consumer, one can truly appreciate the ingenuity of these brands to try and get the man on the street to part with the coins in his pocket, however every advert tells a story and rather than being based on guesswork, also includes elements which have been seen throughout advertising campaigns for generations.


Ikea Lofty Ad


We love how beautifully this advert has been designed and made, showcasing Ikea’s latest range of beds. The premise behind it links to totemism, the idea of using a theme that is relatable to any individual – feeling like you’re falling when you sleep is common and many people will have experienced it. The use of Prospero’s speech in Shakespeare’s Tempest reinforces the dreamlike qualities of this advert, like the play, once the sleeping figure awakes the dream will end and balance in real life will be restored.


McVitie’s BN advert



Reappearing on our shelves after over a decade away, BN biscuits had to launch with a bang this summer and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Using the tagline ‘sweeet’, the biscuit ad showed two very fluffy owls popping out of a BN packet, moving to the beat of the famous BN jingle.


Southern Comfort


This advert really fits with Southern Comfort’s ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ slogan, which shows an unlikely hero seducing a woman with his bar skills. The song, ‘Love Me’ by The Phantom, first released in 1958, gives this ad a great rockabilly vibe, emphasizing the trendy feel of the bar and therefore, the drink.


Dr Dre Beats – The Game Before The Game



We loved the brand furore surrounding 2014’s World Cup, so much so, we featured a host of World Cup ads in the latest edition of M World. One fantastic advert we didn’t include was the Dr Dre Beats ‘The Game Before The Game’ which features a number of football stars, well-known athletes and celebrities going through their pregame/pre-show routines.


These fantastic ads are some of the most memorable we’ve seen this summer, they’re really entertaining but also promote the brands in a successful way, using unique, imaginative ideas.