Why Google+ is Important

11th December 2015

Increasingly Google+ is discussed as a newly emerging social media platform and advocated as the next step forward for both social media and search engine optimisation.


Although technology experts promote its uses, many are still resistant to a move towards Google+. Companies see their promotion through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, a similar tactic to their competitors, as ‘enough’.

Why Google is Important

However, Google+ is different to the other platforms. It brings together the most popular elements of the well-known social media tools in an interactive yet effortless manner.
The Google+ actions are comparable to Twitter, with a similar but more interactive layout than LinkedIn. However, the impressive stats below highlight its greater reach:


– 300 million users are in the Google+ stream.


– By May 2016, it is predicted to surpass all other forms of social media in use.


– It refers the most quality traffic compared to all other forms of social media. Users who accessed a page through a Google+ link click onto an average of 2.45 pages per visit.


– Google+ generates a high level of user engagement, measuring the same as Facebook and twice that of Twitter.


Google+ Business Tools


– Google+ circles: Users can manipulate their Google+ circles to separate followers and those they follow into categories so that certain updates will only be viewable to certain users. You can build or join these communities as an individual or a brand, something which can’t be done on Facebook.


For instance, a Food Wholesale company could split its suppliers and retailers into two separate circles and then release specific, targeted news stories or updates to the relevant circle, either suppliers, retail, or both. Interactive media, like YouTube videos or images can be shared in this way too.




Google Hangouts is a unique tool, exclusive to Google+, which allows you to organise or take part in group meetings, discussions and demonstrations with members of your circles. The tool gives the user the ability to host their own web chats and seminars, allowing you to get to know your circles and discuss your products or services in a professional, virtual environment. Once a discussion has finished it can be archived and uploaded to YouTube, creating permanent data which can be shared on your website, blog or via social media. Predominantly used for B2B marketing, Google+ is a great platform to show your skills and sell your wares through these free services.




A well-established Google+ account also gives your own website and other social media platforms credibility. Your Google+ profile links to all other Google services used by you and your business, including Gmail and Google Search.


A Bluegrass study suggested that only 3.5% of Fortune 100 companies were using Google+, which means that SME’s using the authorship tool performed better in Google’s rankings than competitors.


Double whammy content


Like Twitter, Google+ content, whether it is a shared link or a discussion, all has its own unique URL.


This means this content can be easily shared and, more importantly, searched for. This again maximises your chances of users finding your site by searching for other content.


It takes time for social media platforms to evolve and become popular, but it’s only a matter of time before Google places an added importance on Google+ as a ranking factor in its indexing algorithms.