Our Wine Tasting Experience

05th May 2017

As a busy creative agency based in the hustle and bustle of Manchester, sometimes we just need a little break. And by break, we mean an after-work wine tasting session held by Jean Juviniere Sales Director Claire Scorer.
You’ll know by now if you read our Monitor wine club post a while back that we’re all pretty fond of a glass or two of the good stuff (or even sometimes the not-so-good stuff), so a mid-week tasting session seemed like the perfect idea.
We were sensible enough to purchase some tasty M&S snacks to ‘pair with the wine’ AKA to ensure we were all able to walk home ok. For the next few hours it’s safe to say we overindulged in some olives, brie and a few too many sips of wine.



With a perfect variety of fizz, white and red wine there was something for even the fussiest of drinkers on offer. A lot of ‘mmms’ and ‘ahhs’ later and we had all transformed into professional wine connoisseurs (or so we thought!)
We finished off with a delicious white Port and an even more delicious Armagnac – apparently, the preferred tipple of whisky drinkers! We had a lovely evening and thanks again to Claire for entertaining us on a Wednesday night!