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Adding light boxes and external links within your digital publication is simple yet very effective. Linking to microsites or news articles allows your readers to choose which content they want to engage with the most.


Integrating downloadable PDF's into your digital publication is a great way of allowing your readers to access key information whenever and wherever they like.


Watch & Listen

Videos are a great alternative to pages of text and promote increased user engagement. Whether it's a corporate video or a quirky voiceover, audible content can be very effective within digital publications.


Rich analytics allow you to monitor the page views, unique visits, time per page and much more. This allows you to gain valuable insight into what your readers like and dislike, helping to shape your future content.




Functionality such as animated GIF's allow you to add movement or animations to a static image. By capturing a portion of a video or creating a moving message, they help to add interest to a page and excite your audience. 




Unlike printed publications, digital gives you the chance to experiment with new functionality. Deeper pages for instance allow you to play around with fixed space for your most exciting content. 

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