Benefits of Illustration in Marketing

Benefits of Illustration in Marketing

Let your pictures do the talking

Stock photos struggle to represent your company, because they’re not your company. There are thousands of businesses using stock photos, so why not stand out from the crowd? It really comes down to making your pictures relevant and interesting and you definitely do not want to find out that your competitor is using the same stock photos.

Take look at these bespoke illustrations that we created for Bromleys Solicitors:


Illustrations can be tailored to your branding

The benefit of illustration is that you can develop a style for your business that complements your branding.

If your logo is sharp and modern, you may want to consider using vector-based illustrations. If your brand values are softer, illustrations could have a hand-drawn style to suit.

Check out this infographic we’ve created which shows all the different pathways illustration enables you to use:

The personality of style


Ability to tell a story

Using illustration, you have complete control over the characters and the scenes you want to portray, helping you build the right visuals for your business and tell the right story.


Stand with your audience

Given the different styles and scenes available through illustration, you can market your product, campaign or brand with interests most popular amongst your target audience.

Know that your target audience have a keen eye for science and technology? Geometric, concise illustration will appeal to them far more and get them to engage with your business.


Develop illustrations into animations

We can offer you the flexibility to convert illustrations into animations which can increase engagement with your company’s social media channels and campaigns.

Ability to tell a story

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