Making waves with telecoms rebrand and website build

Global managed voice and messaging service Wavecrest has big ambitions – and, after years of frustration, it wanted a brand and website to match. Wavecrest’s senior team enlisted Monitor’s expertise to carve a distinct place in the market and set it up for enduring, long-term success.

With an entire corporate identity to refashion, Monitor’s senior creatives carefully plotted the project from start to finish.

Work on the new Wavecrest brand was first on the agenda. The foundations were laid through an intensive period of research, brainstorming, and focused conversations that unearthed Wavecrest’s specific goals and direction.

Strategic Branding

Wavecrest wanted a refreshed rebrand that would distinctly and memorably separate it from its competitors. But every aspect of the new brand, from logo and typography through to colour section and more, had to be grounded in data-led decisions.

Calling on decades of experience, our team explored how all of those elements could be best combines to visually express the essence of Wavecrest’s service and reputation.

Robust website build

Stage two of the project saw Monitor’s team tackle Wavecrest’s website.

Time spent on a detailed scoping exercise established the ideal website platform and required functionality. Web design best practises were implemented to ensure outstanding UX and UI experiences. In turn, these kept visitors engaged and prevented high bounce rates.

Extensive QA and testing were also performed during the website development. This helped to make the vision a practical reality, highlighting any potential challenges before the site went live and enabling all necessary work to be complete ahead of the public launch.

Finally, Wavecrest’s new brand was implemented across the entire website. The brand identity reached into every aspect of the site, from colours and typography through to icons and blogs. This across-the-board consistency helped to reinforce Wavecrest’s positioning and professionalism.

Exceptional results 

The entire project, from inital branding brainstorming sessions through to the launch of Wavecrest’s new website, took just four months. Despite a succession of tight deadlines, the quality of the work was never compromised and Wavecrest was left delighted with the results.

Its new brand was met with immediate excitement. Its colour palette, which was inspired by a San Franscisco sunset and new dawn, put vibrant, modern tones at the heat of the brand’s foundations. The strategic use of navy and teal also helped to evoke trust and loyalty.

The new website also exceeded expectations. Built on solid technical foundations that will enhance Wavcrest’s future visibility and SEO efforts, it also provides a slice, on-brand representation of the company – leaving a lasting and postitve impression on its global customer base.

"Working with the team at Monitor over the last 4 months has been an exceptional experience. Despite the tight deadlines, they continued to deliver the highest quality work. The team has felt like an extension of our business. From watching our new brand come to life to their attentive listening to our ideas, their ability to adapt quickly was impressive. The seamless flow through to the website has created the perfect hub for our customers."

Pritom Roy, Head of Product

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