Top Picks: Marketing Campaigns We Love

Top Picks: Marketing Campaigns We Love

In the ever changing world of marketing, some campaigns stand out as shining examples of creativity, strategy and innovation.  These campaigns not only capture our attention, but help to increase brand visibility, customer engagement, and play a vital role in generating new business.  

Here are 3 marketing campaigns that we love here at Monitor, with reasons why we think they’re so great! 

1.  “Better with Pepsi” – Pepsi

This campaign incorporates the use of popular fast food packaging into the Pepsi Logo, and was based on the results of a study that concluded Pepsi is the best pairing to some of America’s most iconic burgers. 

By strategically partnering with popular fast food chains, Pepsi managed to seamlessly integrate its message into the everyday lives of their target audience, while the novel approach of transforming ordinary wrappers into a canvas for the brand logo not only caught the attention of consumers but also encouraged engagement on social media. 

This campaign demonstrates the power of brand image, and the use of user generated content in fostering a sense of community to start conversations surrounding the company.  Pepsi also demonstrated an understanding of their target audience’s lifestyle and preferences with this campaign, and created a strong connection with consumers who could now associate their favourite fast food choices with the Pepsi product.


2. “We Speak Late Night” – McDonalds 

Another best practice campaign comes from the McDonald’s “We Speak Late Night” advertisements, which offer valuable lessons for companies looking to connect with their audience in a unique and memorable way.

Firstly, this campaign highlights the importance of understanding the needs and preferences of your specific target audience.  By targeting the late-night consumer, McDonald’s demonstrated the ability to identify and cater to a niche market, aiming to expand its reach and increase sales during non-traditional hours.

The campaign also showcased the effectiveness of humor and reliability in marketing strategies, as the tone of this campaign positions the McDonald’s brand as relatable and approachable, while creating a direct link between the company and the late night demographics.

Overall this campaign is a brilliant example of how important the elements of market research, setting clear goals, and creativity are to any marketing strategy.


3. “Barbie Logistics” – Generation Logistics 

The final best practice campaign that we love here at Monitor comes from Generation Logistics, and their incorporation of pop culture to encourage the inclusion of women into the Logistics industry. 

Ahead of the release of the Barbie movie in cinemas, Generation Logistics created a marketing campaign that reimagined what the iconic character might look like as part of the Logistics industry.  By creating striking and unique content, this campaign is a brilliant example of using current events to spark conversations surrounding your brand.

By aligning themselves with current issues and pop culture, Generation Logistics were able to position the brand as a forward thinking, equality first company, while also improving their SEO rankings using targeted keywords related to trending topics.  

The imagery of this campaign appeared across social media, and was successful in generating organic engagement and click throughs to the company website.  As well as improving brand image and expanding company reach.


If you’re looking to implement a unique and creative marketing strategy for your business, look no further!  At Monitor we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to creating exceptional campaigns, covering a wide range of services.

From branding and marketing strategy, to animation, web design and publication; as a full service agency we’re your one stop marketing partner ready to help you achieve your goals.

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