What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing and how should I use it? If you have looked into different ways to market your business, this is probably something you have asked yourself. Content Marketing is a perfect way to attract customers and build loyalty. Think of it as a value exchange for your customers; attracting and keeping them engaged. So, here are a few different types of content you could be creating and why it is useful.

Blogs – There are many different reasons why blogs are useful tools. From establishing authority, improving SEO, and fostering brand loyalty. Regularly publishing valuable content keeps your brand top-of-mind for your audience. (In June’s edition of our Monthly Newsletter ‘Monitor Moments’ our in-the-know section is looking at all things blogs so make sure to keep your eye out!)

Videos – One of the key reasons videos are a great piece of content marketing is that people love to see visual content. Secondly, the platforms that you post videos on favour long-form content such as videos (over 60 seconds) and therefore will push your content out to a wider audience.

Podcasts – Podcasts are a great way to interact with your audience whilst they are going about their daily lives. They may listen whilst working, driving, exercising, or even just in the house. Hearing your voice also develops your personal brand which is key for fostering a community.

Email Marketing – There are many different reasons why email marketing is a useful form of content marketing. Firstly, personalisation – if you checked out one of our blog posts last month, we delved deeper into just how important this is. Secondly, in 2023, 4.37 billion people used email, so even if your clientele isn’t using social media, they’re probably using email, and therefore this is a great way to target them. Automation of email is another bonus to this piece of content marketing.

Case Studies – Case studies are the perfect tool for building trust and credibility. It shows your prospects real world examples of your work and what you could possibly help them with.

Reviews – Posting reviews across your website and social media channels means potential clients can see what others thought about working with you. You are doing your clients a favour here as you are providing social proof for them. 


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