Branding – Make Your Mark!

B is for Branding

A brand is about the way people think, feel and respond when they hear your company name.

Your brand is your mark on the world but it is more than just the logo. It’s one of your company’s most valuable assets.

It needs to be thought out and consistent across all your marketing touch points and this can be the difference between good and great.

You’ve created a ground-breaking brand name and an eye-catching logo, but a strong brand manifests itself in a lot more ways than this.

Colour: Many successful brands can be recognised by colour alone – take Coca-Cola for example, most people could pin-point the exact shade of ‘Coca-Cola red’. Colours have the power to evoke certain emotions and feelings in people so shouldn’t be overlooked in the branding process.

Imagery: Ever been put off by offensive, dull or irrelevant images? Deciding on an image ‘style’ for your brand to use is just as important as choosing a font or colour.

Tone of Voice: Think of your brand like a person, it needs to have its own recognisable, consistent tone of voice. Whether it’s friendly, down-to-earth, ambitious or quirky, the key is picking one and sticking to it.

Considering a rebrand?

Be Honest & Critical: Is your brand holding you back without you even realising it? Now is the time to scrutinize your brand and really evaluate whether it’s as strong as it could be.

Competitor Evaluation: Uncovering what your competitors are and aren’t doing will allow you to gain a better understanding of where you fit into the market.

Goals & Objectives: Your longer-term strategy should be the driver behind your brand. Looking to expand into new markets? Consider how your brand will fit into these markets, or if you’re looking to build customer loyalty, think about the tone of voice your brand will need to portray.

Personality: What does your business stand for? What are its core values? Questions like these will help uncover the personality of your brand and determine how you want to be perceived by your audience.

Customer Expectations: Many consumers rely on their favourite brands to fulfil and exceed their expectations and needs, but how often do you stop and listen to what your customers have to say?

Enforce Rules: Once you’ve established a strong brand, the key to keeping it that way is by enforcing your brand rules at every opportunity. Think of them as instructions, they’ll allow you to protect your brand both internally and externally.

Branding FAQs

How much does branding cost?

Not as much as having a ‘bad’ or ‘outdated’ brand will cost your company in lost sales and reputation! All branding projects are bespoke to your requirements so please get in touch for a no obligation quote.

What do I need to get started?

Invite one of our team to meet you for a Discovery Meeting during which you can tell us where you are now and where you want to be.

What is the process?

Following the Discovery Meeting, we’ll write a brief, from there we’ll share creative concepts including reviewing your direct competitors and other brands your target audience may shop.
Gradually we will evolve your new brand together always involving your team along the way, bringing your new brand to life.

Don’t just take our word for it…

The team at Monitor clearly understood the brief and worked hard to develop something that was in keeping with our ethos and values while adding a touch of ‘magic’ to create a beautiful end result. We were delighted with the resulting concepts and finished collateral.

We felt that Monitor understood us and what we do from day one. We wanted to communicate to people what kind of business ICB is and we think Monitor has done us proud.

Need some expert branding advice? Get in touch to see how we can help you get the most from your branding.


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