Publications big and small

With over 30 years under our belt, Monitor has deep roots in publications. From 92-page magazines to simple leaflets and across traditional and digital media, we’ve done it all. We have a finger on the pulse of publishing trends for businesses like the Fed, Unitas Wholesale, Wienerberger and World Netball. They trust us to deliver on-brand creative in the most audience-appropriate format for a great price.

One of our biggest regular publications has even been shortlisted for an award. See the case study here >

To print or not to print

Both traditional and digital publications have great benefits for your business. Digital offers analytics with audience insights that power your next products and services. Cost savings that make your FD swoon and a massive CSR success. We’ve elaborated more on their benefits below!

But, we believe that print still fills an important role. Depending on the audience, print may resonate best. Publications are a great way to deliver your message when designed well and executed in line with your brand guidelines—a great asset to your marketing.

Planning Meeting

Let’s plan! Digital or print? When, where and why?


Now we have a plan, our talented copywriters will work their magic.


Beautiful content deserves a beautiful page. Our designers have the vision!


It’s time to publish and distribute. By mail, email, or something else entirely.

There’s more to digital publications

Everyone knows there’s extra benefits to digital, but flipbooks and PDFs aren’t the only options. Reduce your costs, grow your revenue and harness environmental benefits with all of these brilliant options.

An interactive digital publication offers a similar look and feel to a traditional print brochure or PDF/flipbook but with many more features and benefits.

Digital publications offer animation, pop-up content, and embedded videos to space-save and encourage audience interaction. Scalable across all devices! Plus analytics on which ads and links were clicked, the most popular content, and average reading times.

See our recent digital publication project with World Netball here >

Choose an interactive digital publication for projects like:

  • Brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Magazines
  • Data sheets

Ideal for membership organisations, sign-up access content, and information-led public bodies.

Reach your audience on any device using a flexible platform – your website. Take immediate advantage of the functionality available on your site and its analytics. Plus the ability to custom build new features.

Choose gated web content for projects like:

  • Member-only content
  • Archives of public or private content
  • Technical data archives

Dedicated microsites are the most ideal solution for businesses that deal with large amounts of content.

A microsite can have both public and gated content simultaneously, boasting the most thorough analytics. Plus, its dedicated build will deliver super-flexible content presentation options.

Choose a dedicated microsite for projects like:

  • Mid-sized to large magazines
  • Member-only hubs
  • Large archives of public or private content

“Our collaboration with Monitor on our members’ magazine The FED is a great success. We work with them throughout the whole process, from monthly editorial meetings to plan content and discuss ideas, through to sending the magazine to print. The team at Monitor is always willing to work with us to enable us to achieve our goals. So much so, that earlier this year The FED was shortlisted for a prestigious award!”

Muntazir Dipoti, National President

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