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No more chills!

How can you maximise an already powerful system to ensure every possible commercial opportunity is given the full attention it deserves?

That was the challenge facing Polypipe Building Products and its unique Underfloor Heating Installations (UFH) estimate tool.

We were tasked by Polypipe with identifying the precise improvements needed to drive an increase in both leads and revenue – and we were happy to help!

Understanding the brief

While comprehensive in many respects, Polypipe felt its UFH tool was not operating at its full potential. Polypipe came to us with four main objectives:

  • Improving the tool’s user experience
  • Providing Polypipe’s sales team with enhanced visibility of requested estimates
  • Ensuring all projects could be monitored from initial request through to final acceptance
  • Driving more conversations and better relationships between merchants and Polypipe Building Products

A three-pronged approach

Our expert team of web developers and UX specialists completed a full review and made a series of recommendations – each of which were then implemented in full. To achieve Polypipe’s objectives, we devised a major reskinning of the UFH tool. A methodical, three-pronged approach saw us achieve >

Clear call-to-actions encouraged users to contact Polypipe directly before using the UFH tool. Users also saw a revised progress bar charting their momentum, while clever additions such as a Postcode Finder made forms less daunting and easier to complete. Users were further aided by new on-hover tips providing more information on each option throughout the form.

With an emphasis on building more sales conversations between Polypipe and its merchants, our updates encouraged UFH tool users to contact Polypipe’s team as early as possible. A floating ‘Need help?’ icon and a new live chat functionality provided additional support and a prominent ‘Get in touch’ section urged users to seek personal support for larger projects and estimates.

Our enhancements to the UFH tool helped Polypipe to generate more warm leads, each of whom provided valuable information about their potential project. Real-time reporting enabled Polypipe’s sales team to narrow down estimate results through a range of different filters. As a result, more follow-ups were completed and more orders closed.

Key Stats


completed estimates


unique sessions


bounce rate

The Results

Since the launch of the refreshed UFH tool we have seen significant improvements in the tool’s usability and as a result users are now returning to site on a more frequent basis, increasing the number of sessions per user by 210%.

The improvements to the user journey (UX) have seen a decrease in bounce rate with users spending much longer on the tool.

And most importantly we have seen a large increase in the percentage of completed estimates – since the launch of the updated tool completed estimates have increased by 115%.

Over 1,500 estimates have now moved into the next stage and have been approved.

“We’re delighted with the outcome of this project. The team at Monitor Creative did an absolutely great job. It was a real pleasure working with them.”

Dean Asher, Head of Technical and Customer Experience

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